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By Pastor Kurt Brochhausen in MORe Community Church Leesville Louisiana over 5 years ago | 475 views Link:

As many of you know, the discipline of Prayer has been the major re-occurring theme for most of this year at MOReCC. Not only corporate prayer, but Pastor and Elder led prayer, Leadership prayer, MCG prayer, and a zeal for private personal prayer. Since the beginning of this season, we readily admit the specific reasons we have sensed a burden for the body of Christ at MOReCC to master a life and discipline of prayer have not been quit so apparent to us. We don’t know for certain why God seems to have burdened us particularly with this. We only know what we sensed was God leading us to rely on, be sustained by and experience the power and vitality of prayer anew for each of us in our fellowship individually and collectively. And we have been hearing from you about your needs and challenges… and we have been praying. And we have seen God move in these specific areas often but now recently it is becoming more evident beyond our own needs and inside our church as to why God might have been leading us in this direction of a dependence and sustenance in prayers to Him. 

EASTER RESCUE – As I shared with you this past weekend, we have before us and incredible and powerful opportunity to participate in the rescue, recovery and new life of a young girl currently trapped in the desperate and hopeless cycle of sexual exploitation. I shared with you publically and some privately about the horrors of this industry and the circumstances many girls are facing as they get trapped in it. Now let me share some good news. We can provide the prayer and educational support giving a young girl a 4 year college education, spiritual and emotional counseling, job training, housing and discipleship in a new community of Christ love who is passionate about changing the lives of the bars girls who are bought in Pattaya Thailand every day. Specific details about the girls will be coming but what I can tell you now is we will be working closely with New Love Outreach, a ministry specializing in evangelizing and spiritual growth of girls in the sex industry. We will be partnering with 3 missionaries, all women, who have devoted their lives and efforts to this field, who raise all of their own financial support, and who work tirelessly building relationships with the many bar girls in their mission field.  The missionaries have been witnessing and making disciples of 2 particular girls who are now willing and ready to leave this miserable life and start new if they only had some help. This is where we come in. We will be able to provide the prayer and complete educational support for only $400 a month for each girl.  Yep, that is right, $400 a month. Now I know what you might be thinking. I know, we are a small church. I know we already give 54% or more each year to missions. I know, the economy in our military town is less than vibrant these days and the news reports it is getting worse. I know, some of you are uncertain about your own jobs. I know, some of you are really struggling to make ends meet. I know, 4 years is a long long time to pledge financial support. Your right on all of these reasons and even more, I know. But let me also tell you something else I know. I know Jesus Christ. And I know the power of prayer. And I know God is even bigger than the sum total of all of our fears. And I know we can do this. We can bring freedom to these girls. We can rescue them now. With God’s power, our obedience and the prayers of the faithful we can do much.

So I asked and I am asking again, will you pray about what role you should participate in the rescue of these girls? I have been asking God to let us sponsor both of the girls that are ready right now. I hope we can pledge our support on Easter Sunday to rescue, recover and provide a new life for these 2 young girls that without someone stepping forward will be continue to be trapped in a life that is desperate, without hope and only gives these girls statically a life expectancy of less than 25yrs of age. This life is truly and literally killing them. Will you help rescue the perishing? Will you pledge to provide care for the dying? Will you on Easter Sunday shout praise in honor of Jesus Christ, the one who made your own rescue at the cost of his own life, by pledging your financial and prayer support for these 2 girls? I hope so. I pray so. I am already expecting, excited and practicing my call to tell them they have been set free because of the love of Jesus Christ, the women of New Love Outreach and the sacrifice of MORe Community Church. It is big things like this that I am certain God has been moving us to pray. It is only the faithful prayer that enables us to take big steps of faith for His Glory and the good of the bar girls in Pattaya Thailand.

Rescue me, O my God, from the hand of the wicked,

from the grasp of the unjust and cruel man.

For you, O Lord, are my hope,

my trust, O Lord, from my youth.

         …My praise is continually of you.”

                                                                        – Psalms 71:4-6


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Pastor Kurt Brochhausen

Sometimes you have moments that become milestones in your life. Sometimes you have days that become significant monuments that will forever cause you to be in awe and inspire you to worship our King. Today was that kind of day. “Awesome”, “Oustanding”, “Epic”, “Supreme”… all great words but today they fall short in describing the magnitude and significanse of the events that culminated this Easter morning. And I have a feeling the weight and impact of today’s events are going to just keep growing, like a monument that raises even taller with time for the life and body of MORe Community Church.

So as you know, all of MCC has been in a season of prayer about how we should respond to an opportunity to help in the rescue of girls trapped in the sex industry in Pattaya Thailand. Many of you like us are aware of human trafficking, the sex trade and the modern day slavery issues that have become perhaps the single biggest world wide plague on humanity today. Some are educated about it, some speak up about it, some are activist in the cause and many devote much prayer and resources to the issue. These are all good and necessary things that must increase in the fight to end this plague. It is a big problem, a very big problem.

And MOReCC is a small church, a young church, a vibrant church, but an active church. Most of those committed to our mission find MCC to be their first church, the church where they met or fell in love with Christ and His mission or just the church they first really started to get on track with Jesus in. We are by no means a perfect church. Imagine all your dysfunctional relatives and friends joining the same church at the same time and catching a vision for “what could be in our city if only God…” That is closer to what we might look like, far from perfect, far from big, far from mature, but not far from Christ at all. In fact, He has us, and He has us close. He has our attention and He hears our prayers. And every day we are trying to trade our will for His. Today I think we hit the mark.

We have been praying about sponsoring the education of a young girl who works in a bar in Thialand. She sells herself to make enough money to live on and support her family. We don’t know this girl personally but our friends at New Love Outreach do really well. They know several girls just like her who because of various reasons, misfortunes, cultural pressures, etc. find themselves exploited and trapped in an evil system that ends in death. These girls are sold like property for the pleasure of their customers. For most of these girls, they feel and are told they have no other options, because they lack an education and/or any job experience. For many they have the pressure of supporting their parents and siblings in a culture that reserves education for the young boys of a family leaving the girls to depend on marrying for their future. But their future as a bar girl or a go-go girl is dark. Many do not live to see their 25th birthday. What she needs most is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And like all of us, that good news comes best in the form of genuine and authentic relationships with believers. But that is the beginning, she also needs a future, a way out of the bars, a way to escape from the sex industry and escape to something else. That something else most likely will never happen without an education, financial and prayer support, counseling and solid christian mentors and dicsipleship. God has placed those vital and close relationships near them, the missionaries of New Love Outreach are in place and serving well. Now we can play our part and give the prayers and financial support to take care of the education. We hold the key to their future, a future of hope, a future of prosperity, a future of health.

So today our church and a few close friends met the challenge and pledged for the full financial and prayer support for not 1, not 2, but 3 young girls. These girls are ready to leave this industry that expoits them. Our spledge enables these girls to enter a 2 yr business or 4 yr college scholarship, they will have a new home, and they now never have to trade their body for food and shelter.

Today they will taste redemption.

Today they taste Grace and Mercy and Love a whole new way.

Today they never again have to be bought like a toy or a pet to provide pleasure of someone else.

Today they go free. Rescued.

That my friends is what Easter is all about. God did for us what we could not do for ourselves because we were a slave to sin and perishing fast. He paid our way out. He rescued us. All we have to do is accept it.

I am beyond pleased with the faith and obedience of my brothers and sisters at MOReCC. I am ecstatic. I am shouting for joy. I am worshipping fesh, powerfully, and joyfully unto our Father the King, His Holy Son Jesus Christ and the enabling awesome and powerful Holy Spirit. What a great day! 3 Go Free! 3 Go Free! What a great Resurrection Morning. What a privilege to be alive, rescued and part of God’s plan to rescue the perishing and care for the dying. Jesus is mighty to save!

“Rescue me, O my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of the unjust and cruel man.

For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth.

…My praise is continually of you.” – Psalms 71:4-6

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” – John 8:36

MORe Community Church Leesville Louisiana

Our Identity::

We are God’s people, chosen and saved by the power of the gospel, living and relying on one another in community, owning and engaged in a big mission for God’s glory.

Our Mission::

The purpose of MORe Community Church is to glorify God through our lives which have been changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision::

The vision of MORe Community Church is to have our five Core Values expressed through our members and extended to our neighbors and neighborhood.

Our Five (5) Core Values:

I. Gospel Changed Lives -

The Gospel transforms us into a NEW PERSON from the inside out.

II. Growing In Community-

The Gospel transforms us into a people of authentic COMMUNITY.

III. Living Missionally-

The Gospel transforms us into a people of MISSIONAL lifestyle.

IV. Church Planting-

The Gospel transforms us into a church planting church of CHURCH PLANTERS.

V. God Glorifying-

The Gospel transforms us into a life of bringing GLORY TO GOD, both as individuals and as a body of believers.

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